City Jungle

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City Jungle • Syd vs Melb

City Jungle • Syd vs Melb

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City Jungle • Music by Synergy • Visuals by TokyoLove-In

Two of Australia’s super-percussion outfits come together to present their double vision of UK breakbeats 2011. Sydney’s Synergy has been at the cutting edge of music making since 1974, and Melbourne’s Speak Percussion have just celebrated an action-packed first 10 years.

Over two distinctive sets, virtuosic live percussion and digital programming will thrash it out on stage. The dark, brooding sounds of Terminal Sound System fuse with the darting rhythmic complexities and explosions from Speak Percussion. Synergy’s lush sound-world of marimbas, vibraphones, vocals, gongs, and futuristic electronic gadgets will be pitted against the raw power of the Jungle aesthetic. Those who know their subgenres can expect sounds from Futurist and Autonomic through to Doom n Bass — plus a couple of Rollers thrown in for good measure.

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